Private yoga and community yoga

Private yoga and community yoga

Private yoga and community yoga would be the two extreme end of yoga practice? One may say. But I love to do both and  find it inspiring to combine them in my teaching practice.

Private yoga

Based on my experience this might not be the most popular form of practicing yoga in Hungary but it holds a great value. It is a flexible frame – both for the teacher and for you. Flexible in terms of timing, venue, length, difficulty and it is adjusted to your needs. If all you want to do for an hour is to meditate, we do it. If you desire a super active, dynamic class, you’ll have it. Whatever your goal is, I build the session in a way that you can make a step closer to this goal.

Are you interested or have questions on private yoga? Contact me!

Community yoga – yoga in the park

But what is this? Is it a teacher without a studio? Karma yoga? A new trend? Is it free? And why? So many questions I get on this. So let me answer them.

Yoga became really popular and anything related to it seems to be a best seller item. Yoga mats, straps, blocks, yoga wear… Actually they are more expensive than any other active wear or sport tools, that are lacking the label of yoga. Take a training pant, label it as “yoga pant” and you can have the price doubled. And many people buy it. Because there is this misconception, that you can do yoga only in proper yoga wear on a yoga mat. And if you don’t have the money for it, you can’t do yoga at all. But this is an extremely false concept. 

Yoga is for everyone. Your size, shape, age, level of fitness and flexibility or the size of your wallet doesn’t matter. To do yoga all you need is your body, your will, comfy clothes and enough space to move around. I actually really love to do yoga on the grass with the sun shining on me. 

This is why I started the series of “Yoga in the Park” on the first place. Because it is available for everyone – at least for people in Budapest. I organize “Yoga in the Park” events every week on various locations in Budapest. In lovely parks, that are easily accessible, either in the middle of the city or close to public transportation lines. And it is for free, if you don’t have the money for it. I keep it donation-based, so you give as much, as you can afford. If you can afford the price you’d pay in a studio, do it. If you ran out of money but would like to join anyway, give as little as you can, or do it for free.

I genuinely trust people. I also participated in donation-based classes before and even if I could’ve practice for free, I paid as much as I could afford. I trust that people won’t misuse this opportunity.

In a way I also feel that this is a calling for me, doing some Karma yoga. Some work to give back tot he community. I received so much support in my life, most probably I never actually realized how much. And giving back is not maths. I don’t feel like giving back the exact “amount” and kind of support I ever received. I give what I have a lot now: attention, passion for yoga practice and softness.

I also believe this is a nice way of having a feel of yoga. In nature, with fun. Give it a try!