Yoga and the corporate well-being

Yoga and the corporate well-being

I spent years in management in a multinational company. Now I am a yoga teacher. It is super easy to categorize the reaction I got from people on this change.

Either: “Heh? You crazy? Well, good luck for making a living out if this…”,  or: “Aw, poor thing, must’ve had a burnout.” Well, got close to the latter, but never actually hit the bottom. It would be so easy to say, that yoga saved me, but this is not true. I saved myself. Yoga was just my way of doing it.

The years of a manager

I loved my job. The people I worked with. The challenge, the demanding work environment, the friendships and to belonging to a company whose values I shared. But I worked way too much. Sometimes 14-16 hours a day. Even after meeting my friends for a dinner in the evening I went home, opened my computer and worked until late (or rather say early). I don’t blame the company, this situation was created by both of us. In an environment, where colleagues and the managers joke about people leaving the office at 5 PM, saying “you again took a half day off”, it is easy to get lost if you don’t respect your own boundaries. And I did not. And simply the company had no means and no will to not overuse the people like me. 

Looking back to this period of time I realize how many of my colleagues lived the same way. For us work-life balance was just a dream. No wonder many companies started to use a new term: work-life integration. Well-being managers or HR policies to create a creative, supportive and healthy environment were not on the horizon. It was my determination to find a way to change my life and choose another path. But another alternative, like corporate yoga or other corporate well-being programs could’ve helped me a lot.

Corporate well-being policy

If a company only acts like caring about their employees, but it is just a facade, people will sense it immediately. They don’t need just another useless incentive program. Besides a meaningful work, what they need is an alternative to a stressful life. Mindfulness is a hit. Such as meditation, healthy menu in the canteen, anything that actually contributes to a more balanced lifestyle. I wish I’d had anything like that. Sure, these don’t substitute the well managed work flow and the good governance of a company.

Working for a multinational company doesn’t have to lead you to become a corporate refugee and run away from this sector as far as possible. It is not either a corporate career or a balanced life. You can have them both.

My experience with yoga

I have a long history with yoga, but there was a time when I simply decided that I didn’t have the time for it. When I finally allowed myself to live the life I deserve, yoga was full on again. Here I have a constant invitation to step on the mat every day. I meditate, I do my morning cleansing rituals, do various breathing techniques and practice the postures. Sure I got stronger and more flexible but also more balanced and satisfied. Yoga doesn’t take my time, it gives time.

I truly enjoy sharing my experience with others and accompany them on their yoga journey. It is a bliss to see the sparks in the eyes after yoga practice. And believe me, the sparks are there.

Yoga – my mission to give back

I wish I’d had someone offering yoga for me during my years in management. To have it as an available option to release stress and balance me in a way I needed it. I wish I’d had it for myself and also for my teams. 

It is proved scientifically and empirically as well, that yoga reduces stress and boosts the overall well-being. So in case you live the corporate life – in whichever role – choose to do it wisely. And if you opt for yoga as your stress release tool, choose someone who knows your situation.

I consider it to be my personal mission to share my yoga in a way I never received it.

  • private yoga: if you are super busy, nothing fits into your packed schedule, especially not a yoga class, as you can’t get in any yoga studio in time. Plus the travel time to/from the studio is just too long and this prevents you from having some stress release time. A flexi private yoga teacher can have yoga practice where & when you want to have it. At your home or in the office. You just have to make the first step.
  • corporate yoga: doing yoga in a group, but still having flexibility as the yoga teacher comes to your company. You just need an empty board room, meeting room or the park around the office. If you are a manager – you can give this to your team. If you are in HR – you can give this to your company. If you are an employee in need – you can ask this service from your company.

Does this resonate with you in any ways? Do you want to have yoga in your life? Don’t wait too much, just get in contact with me HERE.

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