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I started practicing yoga about 15 years ago, when yoga was just a physical activity to me. I practiced Bikram yoga and I loved the heat and the challenge, as well the constant repetition of the same postures, so I could easily see my progress. Later I tried ashtanga, hatha yoga, vinyasa flow. I stopped and restarted my yoga practice many times and I experienced how it is to rebuild flexibility and strength again and again.

After many years of practice I realized the value yoga brought into my life, helping me in the most difficult periods. This is when I discovered yoga beyond the physical aspects. Meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and the set of yogic values enriched my practice and my life. In the same time I discovered the pleasure and fun to share my experience and practice with others.

In 2017 I became a certified yoga teacher, completing a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course certified by Yoga Alliance and had my teaching practice in Thailand. I upgraded my knowledge of teaching yoga in 2021, in Costa Rica and completed several other courses (restorative yoga teacher, meditation teacher).

In my teaching I find important to create safe environment for practice and to meditate to calm the mind before the activities. In my private classes I show the poses, hold the space for you to practice and also adjust the postures to ensure safety and promote learning the correct asanas.

I enjoy the dynamic classes of vinyasa flow or dynamic hatha, but find pleasure in yin and restorative yoga as well. In my private classes I combine the yoga styles based on the preferences and the goals set by my clients.

Me before yoga

My background is really colorful. I studied economics and have my second degree in International and European Administration. I had a career in the Hungarian Public Administration, lived in Spain doing my research on the Communities of Indigenous people in Latin America, to later work for a multinational company as a people manager for years. I am passionate about nature, the outdoors and the mountains. I prefer to spend my time in the mountains inhaling fresh air, trekking or just enjoying the peace and the presence of a creative force – that I’ve never labelled with any name. I travelled a lot and wrote a travel blog on my latest trip to Southeast Asia. I tried many careers in my life, I was growing and found joy in all of them. I always loved to work with people to help them finding their hidden potentials and work on their strength to reach their goals. Coaching and mentoring was part of most of my jobs and I loved coaching people after I left my 9 to 5 job as well.

Travel blog

pinterjuco about rolam“Why don’t you write a travel blog?” Well, I dunno. Maybe because I am not a world traveler and there are so many shared their story already. Is mine interesting at all? This is what I thought for years, when returning after my various travels sooner or later someone asked me about this.

Because this is not my first time traveling. I am not a classical backpacker – if there is any such thing at all – but already during my collage years I had an irresistible wanderlust and urge to see faraway places. I volunteered with NGOs to have the chance to travel abroad participating in conferences or being part of international missions. I became co-organizer of international events, where I needed to travel. In my first working place in the public sector I had the privilege to travel to the Far East twice. Leaving the public sector I also left Hungary and lived in Madrid for a year and travelled around Spain in super low budget style. Around that time I was already deeply in love with mountains and trekking. My passion for mountains brought me to the Ands, to Patagonia, to the Indian and Nepali Himalayas and to New Zealand.

And I never wrote a word about these travels, I only shared my adventures – alongside of the many pictures I took on the journey – with my friends . In 2017 I started a bit longer journey, as I saig at that time: “I guess not the last one”. As well I started something new: besides capturing the moment in pictures, I wrote short blog posts about my adventures in Southeast Asia and keep writing them ever since during my longer travels.

I’m Judit Pinter, Jucó. Wherever you are reading my words, I’m glad if you join me to be part of my adventures.