The day, when I almost started to work

The day, when I almost started to work

Koh Phangan is the place, where the mantra is, that the universe will help you to get, what you really want. It comes up in every second conversation, it feels like living in a Coelho fan club.

So, one day an opportunity knocked on my door: there’s a cool restaurant with live music twice a week, with a lot of customers every day, close to the yoga school. They are understaffed, and the two waiters simply cannot handle the situation, the guests wait too much for a table or for the menu. So, the owner thought, it would be nice to have a couple of volunteers, who chat a bit with the guests until they wait and they feel that they are paid attention to. In exchange they provide a free meal and a bit of pocket money. Some of us, who would need some extra money volunteered to help out. We quickly made up a schedule, and we all (including the owner and the four volunteers) were happy about the agreement.

The day before of the agreed starting date we received a message, that they already need someone to help out that day as they expect to be really busy. We figured that I could go. But a couple of minutes before the start of the shift I received a voice message from the owner, that she cancels the work for the night, as they are not really busy, and anyway, she has a disagreement with her business partner, so all further shifts are on hold until further notice. In case I don’t get the message in time and go there, I don’t need to work, but my dinner is on the house (what a pity, that I just finished my meal before she first texted us…).

No worries, I really can spend a Saturday night in other ways. But somehow we ended up at this place with friends a bit later. It was packed so much,that it was hard to find a parking place for my scooter, and needed to wait a lot for a table as well. But guess what, there was a nice girl with a great smile, whom I’ve never seen before, and was doing the exact same job, that was promised to us. Hehe, so this was the day, when I almost got a job.

Update: after a week or so the owner appeared again, and asked one person to work every night. So, the girl from the other night was not a good fit? We’ll see how it goes…