Yoga workshops

mix & match – create your own course, create your own experience!

I offer 4 workshops in Autumn, 2022 – choose the ones you are interested in and create your own experience. You can take all 4 halfday workshops and complete the full YOGA 101 course – or just take the ones you really like.
All 4 workshops are built around a central theme, and contain theory and practice as well.

yoga history & yoga philosophy workshop - yoga with jucó
Yoga history and philosophy workshop (part I. of YOGA 101) – 29 October, Saturday 10:00-14:00

  • we go though yoga history from the pre-vedic times to modern postural yoga, checking the main influences of the yoga we know and practice today in the western world
  • we gain some understanding of yogic philosopy, and see the true meaning of yoga as a lifestyle and how we practice yoga off of the mat
  • we check the some basic yoga postures in a posture cliniques
  • and have a short (30-40 min) yoga practice to finish the workshop


yoga styles & pranayama workshop - yoga with jucó
Yoga styles and pranayama workshop (part II. of YOGA 101) – 5 November, Saturday 10:00-14:00

  • ever wondered what is behind the sexy title of a yoga class? what is hatha, yin, vinyasa, flow and all the other styles? we will go through all the major yoga styles and understand what makes them unique
  • we learn about the importance of breathing and learn different breathing techniques
  • we practice some of the pasic yoga breathing techniques
  • we finish the workshop with a yoga practice where we focus on the breath


energy system workshop - yoga with Jucó
Energy systems of yoga workshop (part III. of YOGA 101) – 12 November, Saturday 10:00-14:00

  • for sure you heard about the chakras. but what exactly are those, what do they have to do with yoga – if anything at all?
  • we learn about the energy centers and channels, how they are connected with yoga, how we work with the energy when we practice
  • we also learn about mudras, dristi and body & energy locks
  • we finish the workshop with a yoga practice focusing on the energy systems of yoga


meditation workshop - yoga with jucó
Meditation workshop (part IV. of YOGA 101) – 19 November, Saturday 10:00-14:00

  • how is yoga and meditation connected?
  • we learn the basics of meditation – starting from the environment and correct posture, till establishing a daily meditation practice
  • after a relaxing, slow yoga practice we close the workshop with a meditation practice



Yoga Agora studio, address: 1085 Budapest, Üllői út 6., a few steps away from Kálvin tér

Yoga Agora Budapest -




10.000 HUF/workshop or 40.000 HUF for the full course
to secure your spot in the course, please transfer 50% of the course fee, (5.000 HUF for a single workshop, or 20.000 HUF for a full course)
BONUS: those who participate in the full course get 10% discount of the 4 class pass to my regular yoga classes, if you buy the pass during the course or on the last session of the course.


please let me know if you are interested (e-mail: or send a message to my yoga page: and fill in the registration form (, so as part of the registration process I’ll send you a form to fill in and also share the payment details with you.


your participation needs to be cancelled a minimum of 15 days prior to the workshop to receive a full refund, no refunds can be given after, unless you provide a replacement for the spot you booked.