How to prepare for your (first) yoga class

How to prepare for your (first) yoga class

Here are a couple of suggestions how to prepare for your yoga class – it doesn’t require additional time, rather just a bit of attention. Even if you have some experience in yoga practice, this may be a good reminder to you as well.

1. Eat light and don’t eat right before yoga practice

I’d suggest to have your last meal no less than 2 hours before the session. Your stomach really needs some time to digest. Please do not practice with a full stomach, it can be really a bad experience. If you can’t really schedule well when you eat, and you are about to starve before the class, than eat something super light. Maybe a banana, max 20-30 minutes before practice.

2. Drink a lot of water 

Drink plenty of water during the day, but not right before the practice. Make sure you hydrate your body well after the session.

3. Wear comfortable clothes

You don’t need anything fancy, no specific yoga wear, just something comfortable that you like to wear and allows you to move and stretch freely. No specific yoga socks or gloves are needed – don’t invest in these until you make sure you really need them.

4. Don’t wear socks

I recommend not wearing socks. It gives freedom to your toes (you may doubt it, but it might be useful in some of the poses). Plus it allows you to be grounded in the standing postures.

5. Use yoga props

It is okay to use yoga props (blocks, stripes) if you need them. It is not cheating they just help your process.

6. If you are a beginner, be a beginner

Allow yourself to be a beginner. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t put high expectations towards yourself. Don’t judge yourself on how you perform. Don’t stress yourself. Yoga is for everyone and it is way more than a physical exercise on the mat. Just enjoy, that you learn something new, enjoy the process and enjoy the change in your body and mind.