Angkor impressions – first chapter

Angkor impressions – first chapter

I have no idea how to share my Angkor-experience with you. It is beyond amazing, I simply don’t know the words to use. The intense feelings and experiences just flooding me and I still process the fact, that I can be here, I can experience all these.

To share at least a bit, here you have some if my favourite fotos. Check out the first batch.

Ta Prohm

This is one of my favourites. During the restoration works it was partially left swallowed by the jungle that creates a unique, atmospheric setup. It is called Tomb Raider temple as well – no wonder why.Ta Prohm entrance - pinterjuco.huTa Prohm and the jungle - pinterjuco.huTa Prohm and the jungle 2 - pinterjuco.huTa Prohm and the jungle 3 -

Banteay Kdei

This little buddhist temple was never actually finished and was not fully renovated either. It is not among the most popular temples, so ut us more likely to meet less visitors than in the famous sites.Banteay Kdei entrance - pinterjuco.huBanteay Kdei west gate -


This amazing temple was taken apart piece by piece during the renovation work, but the work was stopped by the Cambodian civil war. Then during the Khmer Rouge rule all the notes and records were destroyed. All that is left is a huge 3D puzzle.Baphuon East Gate - pinterjuco.huBaphuon view of East Gate -

Angkor Wat

Maybe the most famous of all the Angkor site. Its iconic silhouette is not only popular on instagram, it is on the national flag of Cambodia well.Angkor Wat with lotus - pinterjuco.huAngkor Wat West Gate - pinterjuco.huAngkor Wat and the monk -

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