Angkor impressions – second chapter

Angkor impressions – second chapter

Here comes the second chapter of my visual story of Angkor, this amazing and charming site. Diverse experience in many sites: it is worth to discover the many temples, not only Angkor Wat.


The central temple of Angkor Thom, with the 200+ faces carved in the towers. Usually they quote 216, but it was more but also less during the lifecycle of the temple, so there is no particular meaning of the exact number.Faces at Bayon - pinterjuco.huSunrise at Bayon - pinterjuco.huSmiling face at Bayon - pinterjuco.huFaces at Bayon 2 - pinterjuco.huBayon -

Sunrise above the moat of Angkor Thom

Sunrise at Angkor Thom -

The South Kleang towers in Angkor Thom

View from the North Gate of Angkor Thom

Preah Khan

This is my next favourite after Ta Phrom. It is particularly dear to me. It is fairly popular, but still it is manageable to spend half an hour alone in its many beautiful corners.Preah Khan - pinterjuco.huSouth Gate of Preah Khan - pinterjuco.huModelling at tree of Preah Khan - pinterjuco.huTree at Preah Khan #2 - pinterjuco.huNortheast corner of Preah Khan - pinterjuco.huGates in Preah Khan -

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