Angkor impressions – third chapter

Angkor impressions – third chapter

Enjoy the next chapter of my impressions, that shows even more that there is life in Angkor beyond Angkor Wat. The less popular temples are also magical. Every day here is a proof, that this place deserves more, than only a 1-2 day visit.

Banteay Prei

This is one of those tiny temples, where there is nobody to check your ticket, nobody to share the experience with. The whole site us your playground if you choose to visit.Banteay Prei -

Preah Neak Pean

This little buddhist temple must’ve been a beauty with the pools used for rituals and with the unique statues – in the middle of a reservoir. This is just a memory for now.Neak Pean -

Ta Som

This tiny buddhist temple could be the little brother of Preah Khan, with less visitors.Ta Som - pinterjuco.huTa Som tree at the eastern gopura - pinterjuco.huTa Som arch -

East Mebon

Once it was on an island of East Mebon, but there’s no trace of water anymore. Harnessed elephants guard the site in the four corners of the pyramid shaped temple, that symbolizes the mythical Mt. Meru.East Mebon Gate - pinterjuco.huEast Mebon elephants -

Pre Roup

Like a larger copy of East Mebon, that functioned as the royal crematorium.Pre Roup - pinterjuco.huView from Pre Roup - pinterjuco.huTowers of Pre Roup -

Banteay Srey

The number of photos may indicate already, that this is my next favourite place. This hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, built of red sandstone is super charming. The restoration work done here is outstanding. It is impossible to resist to it.Banteay Srey and the moat - pinterjuco.huBanteay Srey 2 - pinterjuco.huBanteay Srey and the guardians - pinterjuco.huPatterns at Banteay Srey - pinterjuco.huGate to Banteay Srey - pinterjuco.huBanteay Srey from the outside -

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